We have officially launched Eterna Region!

This region is going to be hosted by none other than aDrive - So be sure to give him a warm welcome by welcoming the newest region to the network!

We currently have a 25% sale with (2) Bonus Winter Crate Keys


Want more info on how to set it up and join? Be sure to check out aDrives Youtube and sub to him!
Youtube Explanation:

We would like to welcome every player - new and old.

We hope you can find something fun and exciting to do each and every day. For those of you who have not been around here for very long, or are new, we try to involve the community in just about everything we do and keep you guys updated as much as we can on what is happening, what happens, and what we plan to do going forward. With that being said, there's a few things to address with the release. 

While the servers are capped, please consider logging onto other regions during the meantime. If Eterna is full, there is still Club Region and Diamond Region to explore during the peak times. We are working on attempting to increase the player slots on Eterna to be slightly higher (150-200) once everything is stable and working fine. Once we can hit 24 hours of up time on it, which we are trying to achieve as quick as possible, then we can look towards that goal.

Thank you to everyone of you once again for being extremely generous and understanding during this time.

Again, make sure to sub to aDrive on YouTube and follow his Twitch Channel



PokeNinjas Discord:

Hope everyone enjoys this new region!

Just a quick update for you all on what is planned for the next couple weeks! We have a lot of new things going on, such as events and tourneys, and also the 12 Days of Giveaways and Deals starting today!!

12 Days of Deals

  • Starting right now! Click here
  • Will be posting a new pack/item on the shop every day for 12 days!
  • Shop discount is upped to 33% off everything!!!

12 Days of Giveaways

  • Also beginning right now!
  • Join our Discord and head to #Giveaways
  • New giveaway, from special Pokemon to Shop Credits will be posted every 24 hours!

On a side note, so everyone is also aware, we have gone ahead and fixed Auction House by making it so you can not accidentally sell a Pokémon on the shop by doing the command backwards (Putting /ah sell PokemonSlot Price) which would sell any number ABOVE 6 in the last spot to sell your 6th slot automatically. Sorry for the delay on fixing this, but everything should be perfect now!

 We are also going to be moving Diamond to have a better dedi soon - Meaning that anyone who is having issues connecting, staying connected, etc, should have that resolved in the next little bit. We've heard your pleas, and many of you messaging us to get this looked at and trust me, we have heard you and are going to fix this!

 Hope to see you all on during the week and weekend. We are going to be hosting one of our monthly join events and transaction events. Hitting a specific amount of players online (After 11am EST on December 15th) and certain amount of transactions on the shop will have giveaway and prizes given to people!

Important Player Count Stuff
140 players: 5 vote crate key + 16 Ultra Balls for everyone
160 players: 3 level crate key + Random Pokemon(including a possibility for a legendary) for everyone
180 players: 64 rare candies + Meme crate key for everyone
200 players: EX Tools Crate Key for everyone
220 players: Random Shiny Pokemon for everyone
240 players: Winter Crate Key + PokeDoll Crate Key for everyone
260 players: 1 Ninja Crate Key + Random Shiny Pokemon for everyone, 3 Omega Keys giveaway on Discord
280 players: 1 Cherish Key for everyone
300 players: 1 Ninja Keys for everyone
320 players: 1 Cherish Keys for everyone
350 players: 1 Omega Key for everyone
400 players: 1 Sensei Giveaways + 1 Ninja Key + 1 Cherish Key for everyone

Important Shop Transaction Stuff
30 Purchases: 3 players get a free PokeEdit
50 Purchases: 2 players get a Mythic Key Pack
70 Purchases: Anbu giveaway (or equivalent voucher if you already have Anbu)
85 purchases: S-Class giveaway (or equivalent voucher if you already have S-Class)
100 purchases: Sensei giveaway (or equivalent voucher if you already have Sensei)
150 purchases: Sensei giveaway (or equivalent voucher if you already have Sensei)

(Early) Black Friday has officially began! We are going to have the following promotions, bonuses, and more all the way until the end of Monday!!

Black Friday Sale - November 22nd until November 26th!!

50% off the entire store
- Key packs, Ranks, and everything in between are half off for this weekend only!

All purchases UNDER $15.00 will receive these bonuses(RED flag)
- (1) Thanksgiving Crate with each item.

All purchases ABOVE $15.00 but BELOW $25.00 will receive these bonuses(GREEN flag)
- (1) Random Special(Event/Shadow/Halloween) Pokemon with each item
- (1) Thanksgiving Crate with each item

All purchases ABOVE $25.00 will receive these bonuses(BLUE flag)
- (2) Random Special(Event/Shadow/Halloween) Pokemon with each item 
- (1) Thanksgiving Crate with each item
- (1) Ninja Crate with each item

Special Event for buying a Rank!!
Purchasing a rank during this weekend will net you some awesome bonuses,such as free Omega Keys, which grant you a Shiny Legendary or special event Pokemon! Each rank, Chunin and up, will net you (1) bonus key per rank, so if you decide to purchase Sensei during the 50% off sale, you'll not only get some awesome bonuses from the other stuff going on, but also (5) Omega Keys!

Chunin: 1
Jounin: 2
Anbu: 3
S-Class: 4
Sensei: 5

* All sales will end on Monday, November 26th, at midnight.
* All bonuses are per item and not the total of said items. If you buy a $10 item, and a $30 item, you receive the $10 bonus and the $30 bonus. If you buy a $13 item, and a $13 item, you receive (2) of the bonuses for under $15, meaning you get (2) Thanksgiving Keys, and not the total cumulative bonus.

Please do no hesitate to ask us any questions in #support in Discord or on the forums for clarification on anything you might not understand, or just need to be explained a bit more since some of the things could be worded oddly.

Clicking the item in question will tell you the EXACT promo you will receive with it; Like opening up Sensei will tell you about the $25+ bonuses, and the event for buying a rank.

Discord Link:

Shop Link:


Image result for pokemon thanksgiving

The server is now updated to Pixelmon Generations 2.3.1!

You will need to update to this version in order to join the regions.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Cosmog, Cosmoem, Lunala, Marshadow, Phione, Silvally, Solgaleo, TypeNull spawning too frequently
  • Fixed BetterSpawner preventing spawns on Cobble(mossy included) and Sandstone blocks
  • Fixed Pokemon not spawning under Glass with BetterSpawner
  • Fixed Primals displaying as “Mega Evolving”
  • Fixed Aegislash only spawning in an invisible state
  • Fixed Stance Change not calling before move power is calculated
  • Fixed Aegislash Blade form base stats
  • Fixed Special Aegislash reverting to non-special after battle
  • Fixed Pikachu spawning in all forms
  • Fixed Unown only spawning in form A
  • Fixed Pokemon not learning form specific moves (ie Alolan Vulpix could learn fire types)
  • Fixed Shaymin & Hoopa reverting to the default forms when sent out
  • Fixed an exploit allowing NPC Pokemon to be caught

Move/Ability Fixes

  • Added Merciless
  • Added Galvanize
  • Fixed Liquid Voice, Judgment, and MultiAttack causing move types to change permanently
  • Fixed Heavy Slam Debug


  • Added Special Beautifly
  • Added Special Jirachi
  • Added Special Lucario
  • Added Special Riolu
  • Added Special Darkrai
  • Added Special Phantump
  • Added Special Trevenant
  • Added Special Articuno
  • Added Special Zapdos
  • Added Special Moltres
  • Added Special Bellossom
  • Added Special Boldore
  • Added Special Gigalith
  • Added Special Roggenrola
  • Added Special Hoppip
  • Added Special Skiploom
  • Added Special Wobbuffet
  • Added Special Wynaut
  • Added Special Umbreon
  • Added Special Snorlax
  • Added Special Electrode
  • Added Special Growlithe
  • Updated Special Leafeon
  • Updated Aegislash
  • Updated Covered Jaw Fossil
  • Updated Covered Sail Fossil
  • Fixed Venomoth eyes
  • Fixed Incineroar’s belt
  • Fixed Shiny Dark Silvally broken texture

New Items

  • balm_mushroom, big_mushroom, big_nugget, big_pearl, blue_shard, comet_shard, green_shard, nugget, pearl, pearl_string, red_shard, star_piece, tiny_mushroom, yellow_shard, dreamball, icestone, icestoneshard

New Blocks

  • bluepicketfence, castleblock, castleblockcracked, castlebrick, castlebrick2, castlefloor, castlegrey, castlegrey2, castlepillar, castlewall, castlewall2, castlewall3, castlewall4, castlewhite, castlewhite2, icebrick, iceplillarside, icepillartop, icestoneore, whitepillar

New Pokemon Sounds

  • Abomasnow, Altaria, Ambipom, Arceus, Azelf, Baltoy, Barboach, Beldum, Bibarel, Bidoof, Breloom, Bronzor, Buneary, Burmy, Cancea, Cacturne, Camerupt, Cascoon, Castform, Chatot, Cherubi, Clamperl, Combee, Cradily, Crawdaunt, Delcatty, Electrike, Feebas, Froslass, Gallade, Gastrodon, Gorebyass, Groudon, Grumpig, Gulpin, Happiny, HootHoot, Honchkrow, Huntail, Illumise, Kecleon, Kingdra, Kirlia, Kyogre, Lairon, Lanturn, Lickilicky, Lileep, Lopunny, Luvdisc, Luxio, Luxray, Makuhita, Manetric, Masquerain, Mawile, Medicham, Meditite, Mesprit, Metang, Minccino, Misdreavus, Mismagius, Nidoqueen, Noctowl, Numel, Nuzleaf, Phione, Poochyena, Ralts, Rapidash, Remoraid, Roselia, Rotom, Salamence, Sealeo, Shroomish, Shuckle, Silcoon, Skiploom, Skitty, Slakoth, Slugma, Smeargle, Sneasel, Snorunt, Snover, Snubble, Solrock, Spinarak, Spinda, Spiritomb, Spoink, Surskit, Stantler, Steelix, Sunflora, Swablu, Swalot, Swampert, Swello, Tailow, Tyrogue, Unown, Uxie, Vespiquen, Vigoroth, Volbeat, Wailmer, Wingull, Wurmple, Wynaut, Zangoose, Zigzagoon

Fixed Pokemon Sounds

  • Aipom, Azumarill, Azurill, Beautifly, Buizel, Corsola, Dunsparce, Girafarig, Igglybuff, Lapras, Larvitar, Ledian, Marshtomp, Mightyena, Minum, Ponyta, Purrloin, Sentret, Shroomish, Slowking, Smoochum, Snorlax, Spheal, Sunkern, Togetic

Halloween is approaching in less than a week! We're going to celebrate it with special events and bonuses and a collaborative quest! 

Rare Spooky Pokemon from around the world are coming to visit! 

~ Starting right now for both Club Region and Diamond Region there will be special spawners around spawn and major points of the world such as the shop and crates for Club Region The spawners will include Ghost and Dark type Pokemon, and will have a chance to spawn Legendaries such as Giratina, Yveltal, and more! 
Pokemon that have never spawned naturally before such as Dusknoir, Frosslass, Shiftry, and others are spawning here! 
The spawn areas will be highlighted with purple beacons. 

~ Around Sunday - Monday, there will be Trick-or-Treat houses for anyone to get some free items or be struck with a trick >:D The way that it'll work is there will be 8 houses on Club and 8 on Diamond containing NPCs of players. The NPCs will be level 1 easily defeatable NPCs that can be battled once a day. FOUR will be treats, and four will be tricks. The only way to find out is to battle and win against them (should be easy...) More details to come when it is released. 

The next tournament after this weekend's will be a special-themed Halloween tournament!
 Be on the lookout for more details. 

Reminder that the Halloween Build contest is still going on. Good luck to the builders! 

Finally, we'll be having a collaborative quest on Club, a quest where everyone must work together in order to proceed. No one is against each other, and it's recommended to help others complete the quest so everyone can continue. It'll be set up in a way where if X players complete the quest, the next area/stage will be unlocked. There will be a prize for those who complete the quest stages. More details will come soon

To sum up the events and bonuses:

~ Ongoing Halloween Build Event 
~ Special Halloween Pokemon Spawners 
~ Trick-or-Treat houses 
~ Halloween Tournament 
~ Collaborative Quest

We still have a 30% sale going on with a bonus Meme, Autumn, and Spoopy crate key for most purchases! 

Thanks again for being the best community out there. Hope you guys are looking forward to Halloween!

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